Nitro Speed

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All game modes in Nitro Speed

Hold your steering wheel and join thrilling races in Nitro Speed. Drive your car over checkpoints at a fast speed and collect as much money as possible.

This game has two game modes which are Free Mode and Traffic Mode.

  • Free Mode: You must choose this mode first to practice your driving skill. In this must, you can drive your car to go around and the city and practice your driving skills, drifting skills, and jumping skills. Note that the city in this mode has no vehicles. Therefore, you do not need to worry.
  • Traffic Mode: This is a challenging game mode in this game. In this game mode, you must go around to receive different missions. You can see colorful gates along the way. Park your car near these gates to receive the missions. There are four kinds of gates. At the blue gates, you can get a mission which is to race through 13 checkpoints within 30 seconds. At the green gates, you can join an exciting race with other racers. At the yellow gates, you must race at a speed of 140. Finally, at the pink gates, you must go on a slanted board and jump as far as possible. If you can complete the missions, you will be rewarded with a lot of money. In addition, you can collect money along the streets. Note that the city in this game mode is full of vehicles. You must drive your car skillfully to avoid crashing other vehicles on the roads.

Choose one of the game modes and show off your driving skills now. Furthermore, I highly recommend another awesome game on our website which is Chess Mania. Try it out if you have free time!

How to control

Press the arrow keys to drive your car.

Press the spacebar to use the handbrake.

Hold a U key to turn on the front lights.

Press a Q key to reset the position of the car.