Diamond Rush

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The information about Diamond Rush

Let's join an adventure to find valuable diamonds in Diamond Rush now. Match three or more diamonds of the same kind to gain the highest possible score.

The principles

You must be too familiar with match-3 games. Today, I want to introduce a new interesting match-3 game which is Diamond Rush. The gameplay of this game is super simple. Your goal is to collect as many diamonds as possible and gain the highest possible. To do that, you need to switch the positions of the diamonds to create a vertical or horizontal line of three or more identical diamonds. Note that if you can match four diamonds of the same kind, a fire diamond will be created. This fire diamond can help to remove many nearby diamonds. If you can combine five or more diamonds of the same kind, a colorful diamond will be created. If you match this colorful diamond with any nearby diamond, all diamonds of the same kind will be eliminated at the same time. Moreover, if you can combine a horizontal line and a vertical line of four identical diamonds, you can create a special diamond. This special diamond can clear a horizontal line and a vertical line of diamonds.

You should pay attention to the time at the left of the screen. The allotted time of this game is only 1 minute. Your goal is to gain as many points as possible before the time is over. Remember that you will earn 100 points if you can eliminate three diamonds. Play the game and let's see how many points you can earn. One small tip is to utilize your quick fingers and sharp eyes when playing this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to switch the position of diamonds.

Release date and platform

This game was developed in June 2022. Like Monopoly Online, this game is also available on the web browser and playable on PC and mobile devices, so you can play it without downloading. The developer updated new features for this game on Oct 31, 2022.

Quick reviews about Diamond Rush

It is possible to say that this is the most fantastic puzzle game I have ever played. The graphics of this game are awesome. The diamonds are sparkling and the background is an icy cave. Moreover, the sound effect is really catchy. This will certainly bring you an enjoyable playing experience. Additionally, the controls of this game are really smooth, which will not create a bothering feeling when you control the diamonds. Finally, the most impressive thing about this game is its captivating gameplay. The playing rules of this game are a little bit different from other match-3 games. This brings me a fresh experience. I cannot take my eyes off the screen when playing this game. In summary, in the genre of puzzle games, this game is a great rookie that you must try once in your life. It would be a pity if you do not add it to your game arsenal.