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The playing rules of Grindcraft

Work as a miner in Grindcraft now. Try to gather as many resources as possible, use them to create tools, and hire more villagers who will assist you.

Why don't you try playing the best mining game now? All elements in this game are from the Minecraft world. You must collect resources by cutting trees, mining stones, and hunting animals. Then, you should use these resources to create useful tools such as axes, hammers, and so on. These tools will help you collect resources faster and easier. Moreover, you can hire more villagers who will assist you in grinding. You can pay attention to the four click boxes at the left of the screen. They are overworld, mine, food, and mobs. In the food click box, you can build wheat fields and make food. In the mine click box, you can collect many raw resources. In the mob box, you can hunt animals or raise them.

Play the game and let's become the best miner. Besides, If you want to have fun with your friends, you should play Ludo Classic which is an interesting multiplayer puzzle game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to mine and choose.

Grindcraft Achievements

When you join this online game, you will receive a lot of rewards and they correspond to the achievements you achieve. It's like milestones in your gameplay. Let's learn about some of the basic achievements that you can win in this new game!

First, you can get a punch after you collect a wood log and use the necessary items to create a crafting table. These two items are simple but they always leave an impression on players because they are the first items.

After that, the appearance of wooden tools will make it easier for you to play because all other tools can be crafted from wood tools. After the Wood Age, you will enter the Stone Age. Tools have been upgraded like human evolution. Of course, with the arrival of stone, the stone tools will be ready for production. Make your first stone tool and feel your achievement.

Finally, you can work in a coal mine and exploit rare coal resources. Thanks to this amount of minerals, you can perform more quests and conquer more admirable achievements. The game will allow you to make any tool from available materials and those tools will bring you profit.