Chess Mania

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Description of Chess Mania

Play Chess Mania which is a challenging puzzle game now. This game requires you to checkmate the king with one chess piece and win hundreds of levels.

The rules

This game is inspired by the classic chess game. However, the playing rules are changed a little bit. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you should learn the playing rules carefully. In this game, your goal is to checkmate your opponent's king to win. One noteworthy thing is that there are not all chess pieces on the chess table. Instead, you have only 5 chess pieces and your opponent also does. Your rival is not allowed to move any chess piece while you are allowed to move one chess piece. Note that if you move the wrong chess piece, it will automatically return to its original position after being moved. If you get stuck, you can click the Hint button at the bottom of the screen. After clicking this button, the position of the chess piece that is possible to move will be highlighted. Besides, you should pay attention to the number of moves and the time at the bottom of the screen. In each level, you must checkmate your opponent within 1 minute. If you can't do that, you will lose. Additionally, if this level allows two moves, you can move two chess pieces. If this level allows only one move, you just need to move one chess piece.

All levels

This game has up to 400 challenging levels. In general, you can easily realize that the difficulty of the levels will increase when you step into higher levels. Moreover, in some levels such as levels 7, 37, 61, 79, 109, and so on, you can collect red flags if you win. Your task is to beat as many levels as possible and collect as many flags as you can. In addition, I want to recommend another interesting puzzle game named Monopoly Online which is available on our web browser. You can play it if you have free time.

All achievements in Chess Mania

One impressive thing about this game is its achievements. There are a total of 13 achievements in this game. Keep in mind that your rewards for completing these achievements are flags. Therefore, you must complete all achievements to unlock more flags.

  • Beginning: You must try to beat level 25 to earn this achievement.
  • Analyzer: Attempt to beat level 50 to gain this achievement.
  • No Hints: To gain this achievement, you should not use the hint when playing 50 levels.
  • En Passant: You need to win level 100 to unlock this achievement.
  • Killer Queen: Try to mate with Queen 50 times to gain this achievement.
  • Collector: If you want to unlock this achievement, you must collect 4 flags.
  • Strategist: If you can beat 100 levels without using hints, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Discovered Attack: Do your best to win level 200 to unlock this achievement.
  • Kingslayer: If you can mate with Queen 100 times, you can gain this achievement.
  • Checkmate: To get this achievement, your mission is to beat level 300.
  • Standard Bearer: Your goal is to collect 8 flags to earn this achievement.
  • Devil's Work: You must beat level 400 to unlock this achievement.
  • Chess King: This achievement is only unlocked when you gather 12 flags.