Table Tennis

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Table Tennis takes sports as the main theme to bring you to online professional table tennis competitions. Try to score 11 points before your opponent to win.

Table Tennis Selection

Any online game gives you a lot of options. For example, the Ludo Classic game will give you intense matches with the selection of the number of players for each match and this Table Tennis game is no exception. It will allow you to select the country you want. Choose the flag that represents your favorite country and compete for proud victories.

In particular, this sports game will take place according to international tournaments that take place in many different countries. You can open the mini-map to keep track of your matches. In each country, you will face a player representing that country. Each win will bring you a trophy. It's like you bring glory to your country. Nothing will be more precious than this.

Rules of Participation

After entering the official matches, you will compete with an AI opponent. This opponent has a steady play and it will be a challenge for you to win. Although difficult, you can completely win if you know all the rules of this online game.

Each player will try to get 11 points first to win. To achieve this goal, you need to make it impossible for your opponent to catch the ball. The trick for you is to hit the ball to the position farthest from the opponent. This will make it more difficult for your enemies to move.

Besides, you should not neglect the defense. Observe the ball carefully and hit. Catch the ball at any cost and hit it back to the enemy's side of the table.

To perform the shots, you just need to use the mouse and move in the direction you want. It will be easier when you use touch devices. You just swipe to play this Table Tennis game.