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How to get a high score in POLYPUZZLE

Check out POLYPUZZLE which is an exciting puzzle game now. Earn a lot of money and a high score by creating vertical or horizontal lines of blocks.

In this game, you must move the blocks at the right of the screen to the 10x10 grid. You must arrange these blocks to form rows or columns of blocks. These vertical or horizontal lines of blocks will be removed and you will gain many points. Note that you will obtain 10 points after eliminating a line of blocks. The number of points will increase if you can clear multiple lines of blocks. You will claim not only points but also a lot of money. Therefore, try to remove as many lines of blocks as possible to gain the highest possible score and as much money as you can. Moreover, you can click on the Rotate button at the bottom right of the screen to rotate any blocks you want. However, this button can be used only three times. If you use it more, you must pay your money.

Like Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer: X O Puzzle Board Game, this game also features a leaderboard that shows the names, scores, and ranks of the top 10 players from all over the world. If you want your name to appear on this leaderboard, you must try to gain the highest score.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the blocks.

Build your own house in POLYPUZZLE

Another mission in this game is to build your own house. You can use your money to purchase new furniture for your house. These furniture have different prices. For instance, the sofa costs 50 dollars while the table costs 190 dollars. The price of a chair is 90 dollars while you must pay 120 dollars to purchase a carpet. Remember that you can change the color of these furniture. Let's decorate your house to make it cozier and more beautiful.