A Small World Cup

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A Small World Cup will bring your passion for sports to your fingertips. In it, you will have many choices from many different national teams. Then, control the doll-like players to win.

Information about the game

Go through seven exciting rounds. Each round is a new challenge. Dribble, pass and shoot accurately to score more goals than your opponent before time runs out to win.

Master the art of strategy and skill

Although A Small World Cup aims for simplicity. However, strategic thinking and skill mastery are essential to victory. Pay attention to attacking at the right time and defending in the right place so that your match goes as smoothly as possible.


  • Experience the thrill of football in a simple and addictive game format
  • Enjoy vivid graphics and dynamic sound effects that enhance the gaming experience
  • Track your progress and achievements through detailed game statistics
  • Participate in challenging matches with a variety of opponents, each with a unique playing style
  • Compete for dominance on the global leaderboards and explore a variety of game modes for added challenge

Tips and tricks to play game

  • Kicking accurately: Practice moderation when kicking the ball. Too much force can cause the ball to bounce off the crossbar and into your goal.
  • Balance between attack and defense: Although scoring goals is important, pay attention to reason. Anticipate your opponent's moves and protect your target from impending attacks.
  • Time management: Pay attention to the 45-second time limit. Every second passing brings you closer to victory or elimination.
  • Aerial superiority: Keep the ball in the air as much as possible, preventing your opponent from blocking it. Aerial kicks can also lead to spectacular goals.
  • Excellent control: Use left-click to select players and drag the cursor to control their movements precisely.

Embark on a soccer adventure filled with excitement, strategy and the thrill of competition. A mini World Cup promises to awaken your passion for beautiful matches, making you crave more after each game.