Flappy Dunk

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Flappy Dunk gives you new experiences when participating in flying journeys with a basketball. Click to make it jump and fall into the basket to get 1 point.

Flappy Dunk Features

Coming to this sports game, you will be surprised by the new features. They are the perfect combination of many game genres together.

First, the theme is basketball, so you will always see a basketball in the center of the main screen and it is also the main subject. You will click to control the ball to jump up at your will. With this simple control, you can think of Yahtzee Board Game where you also click to roll the dice. However, the two games leaned in two different directions. While Yahtzee Board Game is a mind game, this flappy dunk game is a reaction game. You will need dexterity to put the balls in the basket instead of calculating the largest numbers. In particular, the gameplay of this arcade game can make you remind to the flappy bird game. It's correct because it's also a great inspiration.

Besides, the characteristics of the game are also reflected in the sound and effects. You can choose to turn these two elements off or on on the main screen. The main screen is also where you can keep track of your top score and the previous turn's score.

How To Calculate In-Game Score

This game has a simple scoring method where you just need to put the ball in the basket to win 1 point. The game is endless, so you can earn endless points until you break a rule of the game.

So what are the rules for this online game? The first rule is how to control what was mentioned above. The second rule is the dangerous factors that you need to avoid to keep the ball safe. Your ball will explode if it hits the bottom or top of the playing screen. This is when the area is forbidden, so don't touch them at all costs.