Yahtzee Board Game

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Yahtzee Board Game has 4 options for the number of players and attractive dice-rolling gameplay. Join to roll 5 dice at once and get the highest score.

Yahtzee Board Game Selection

This online game gives you a choice before entering the official rounds: choose the number of players. The number of choices is 4. This number of players is much more than many other players. You can play 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, and even 1 player. This online game becomes special when you can play alone and without any opponent including AI. You can play alone and find effective strategies before competing with other enemies.

In other choices, your opponent will be AI and the number of AI will depend on your choice. With the feature, players can see the familiar compared to Monopoly Online where you can also play with the same options. Therefore, after participating in this online game, you can access Monopoly Online, a free game on our website to have more great entertainment moments.

Play With Yahtzee Matches

Matches in Yahtzee will be played until the player has made all of the moves. At the end of the matches, the player with the most points wins. So how to collect points?

How to Collect Points in Yahtzee Board Game

This puzzle game will give you 5 dices which are your tool to collect points. You can choose to roll all 5 dice at once or lock some dice. The maximum number of dice rolls is 3. After 3 tosses, the number of points on the dice will be calculated according to the number of dice with the same number of points. This scoring method will give you the following point combo.

First, the sum of the dice with the same number from 1 to 6 makes up the scores for ONES, TWOS, THREES, FOURS, FIVES, and SIXS. Besides, with the same number of dice, you can also create 3 Of Kind with at least 3 of the same dice, 4 Of Kind with at least 4 of the same dice, Full House with 3 of the same dice, and 2 of another, Little Straight with 4 sequential dices, Big Straight with 5 sequential dices, and Yacht with all 5 same dice.

After tossing, you can choose one of these stats as your score for that move. Note that you can toss 1, 2, or 3 times before choosing your point. Especially, when your total score is over 63, you will receive valuable bonuses.

Good Strategy For You

This board game has a nice feature: lock the dice you want. If you take advantage of this feature, it will be easier for you to win. Then, the game will not only be a game of chance but also a game of strategy. You will need to judge the timing to lock the right dice.

For example, when you roll 4 dice with 4 points, you should lock these dice and roll other dice. This will give you more opportunities to increase your score with combos ONES, TWOS, THREES, FOURS, FIVES, AND SIVES. Besides, the remaining combos will also be easier to achieve.

After each move, you must choose a point combo and that combo cannot be changed. Therefore, it will be more profitable if you choose the highest score on the statistics table. All operations with this puzzle game are done with the left mouse button.