Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday

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Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday takes you to picturesque vacation destinations while enjoying this classic card game. With diverse visuals and engaging gameplay, this game offers a fun getaway for puzzle enthusiasts.

Some information about the game

Clear cards, conquer levels

Your goal in the game is to clear the board of cards in each level. Stack the cards in order, alternating between a higher value and a lower value than the card at the bottom of the stack.

Card playing strategy

As you progress through the levels, you will encounter many different challenges that require strategic thinking. It's time to use your strategic thinking to overcome obstacles and achieve three-star mastery.

Unleash the power of the stars

Earn up to three stars in each level by filling the star meter as you collect cards. Conquer challenging levels accurately and earn the highest three-star rating.

Some featured

  • Immerse yourself in vivid 2D graphics
  • Explore dozens of levels filled with exciting card challenges
  • Enjoy intuitive and responsive controls
  • Experience the satisfaction of clearing tables and earn stars
  • Relax with relaxing gameplay, perfect for casual entertainment

How to control

Use your mouse to navigate card stacks and make strategic plays with ease.