Ludo Classic

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Ludo Classic continues the series of intellectual games with pieces of 4 colors. Quickly roll the dice and bring your pieces to the finish line to win.

Ludo Classic Player Mode

As you probably know, this online game belongs to the series of brain games with dice. Previously, you could see a few featured games on our website. A good example is Monopoly Online where you can roll the dice and buy valuable plots of land and make money from your own competitors. Now, this game also continues that series but with new rules. However, there is one feature that has never changed: you can choose the number of players. You can play with 2, 3, or 4 players at the same time on one device. After this player's turn, it will be another player's turn. The matches will continue like this until a winner is found.

With this option, players can directly interact with each other and create meaningful moments together. Everything also becomes easier when you can play online. Don't forget to choose your favorite color to represent each player. You can choose after selecting the player mode. Now, let's go to the rules when participating in the matches of this game.

Online Game Rules

The rules of the online game are unchanged from the actual rules, Everything just seems to get easier when the game will assist you with the moves after rolling the dice. You also don't need to worry about losing any pieces. All playing conditions are prepared for you to take on the challenges.

Principles To Move

At the beginning of the game, you will get a regular dice with 6 faces. You need to hit 6 points to start the game. If you fail to roll 6, it will be your opponent's turn and your piece will not be able to start. It is the same for your opponent.

After getting 6 points, your first piece will leave the base and you will roll the dice a second time. The point of this second will be the moving step number. You can run no matter how many points you get. However, if you continue to get 6 points, you can roll the dice again instead of giving your opponent a turn. Giving up the turn to your opponent only happens when you get 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 points. After your first piece moves, you can decide to give the second piece or just use the first piece. It all depends on your strategy to make your moves. There will be no change in the rules for all your 4 pieces.

How To Win Ludo Classic

After moving, your goal is to move to your base of the same color and move upwards. In this case, you cannot randomly place pieces. Instead, you need to place them in order from the 6-point box to the 3-point box.

In the process of playing Ludo Classic, you need to pay attention to the location of the enemy. Enemies can block your path and keep you from moving forward and you will have two options in this case. First, you can leave that piece alone and focus your attention on other pieces. Second, you need to try to get the number of points to move to the right position of the enemy. You can then knock the enemy off the board and take their place. Your enemies will have to return to base.