Sudoku 4 In 1

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The playing instruction of Sudoku 4 In 1

Try Sudoku 4 In 1 which is an interesting logic-based game. Place all numbers into the empty squares so that all digits in each row and column are from 1-9.

In this game, you can see a 9x9 grid. Some squares of the grid are fulfilled while other ones are empty. You must drag the numbers from the bottom of the screen and place them into the correct locations. You must make sure that the digits in each row, column, and 3x3 sub-grid are from 1-9 and no digit is repeated. If you place the number in the wrong location, the other numbers will blink constantly. At this time, you must change another digit. Do your best to fulfill the grid in the shortest time.

This game features colorful and cute awesome and its gameplay is addictive. So, it will captivate you on the first try. It is a chance to test your logical thinking and intelligence. In addition, another puzzle game named Minesweeper Mania is also appreciated by many players on our website. You can try playing it if you are interested in it.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the numbers and release the left mouse button to place the numbers.

All levels of difficulty in Sudoku 4 In 1

Because this game has 4 levels of difficulty, this game is called Sudoku 4 In 1. In this game, you can choose between 4 levels of difficulty including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. The more challenging the level, the more squares you must fulfill. In the Easy level, you must fulfill only 24 squares. In the Medium level, there are up to 39 square are empty. In the Hard level, you must place numbers on more than 40 squares. Finally, in the Expert level, there are up to 60 that are empty. You should play from the Easy level to the Expert level.