Solitaire Shuffle

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The rules of Solitaire Shuffle

Challenge yourself with a challenging card game named Solitaire Shuffle now. Move all cards from the tableau to 4 foundations within a limited number of moves.

If you are a big fan of card games such as Uno Online, this game is a great choice. The gameplay of this game is similar to Klondike solitaire. In this game, you also need to transfer all cards from the tableau and stock to four foundations at the top of the screen. Remember that you must arrange these cards in ascending order and in a similar suit when placing them into four foundations. Besides, one noteworthy thing is that the cards on the tableau can be organized in descending order and in alternating colors. You will gain 5 points if you move a card from one column to another on the tableau. If you can transfer a card from the tableau or the stock to the foundations, you will be rewarded with 15 points. Try to gain the highest score and build up 4 foundations in the shortest time.

This game is considered to be the most challenging card game because the moves in this game are limited. You have only 60 moves. Therefore, you must win the game before you run out of moves. You should think carefully before moving the cards, drawing the cards, or clicking on the Hint and Undo buttons.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move the cards.

All game modes in Solitaire Shuffle

This game features two game modes including 1 Draw and 3 Draw. In the 1 Draw mode, you are allowed to take a card from the stock. However, in the 3 Draw mode, you can uncover three cards at the same time. However, only the top cards are movable. It is possible to say that the 3 Draw mode is more difficult than the 1 Draw mode. Therefore, you should try playing the 1 Draw mode first