Solitaire Farm Season 2

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Description of game

Solitaire Farm Season 2 revives the legendary card game in a tranquil countryside setting. Escape the monotony of urban life, embrace the serene countryside, and immerse yourself in your beloved card game while tending to your nighttime crops.

This solitaire version will challenge boasts an array of new features, including additional levels, delightful surprise bonuses, and gameplay that's bound to captivate. As the sun sets over the horizon, take a leisurely break and deal the cards, for in this world, the rhythm of life beats to the harmonious tune of farming and cards. Begin your journey by acquainting yourself with the game's mechanics through a comprehensive tutorial. Your task is to arrange the cards from smallest to largest or vice versa, all while keeping an eye on the score bar above, which fills with every skillful move you make. Aim for the stars and collect them all!

As your solitaire skills flourish, it's time to embrace your farming duties. Progress through the levels and unlock new expanses of your farm where you can sow the seeds of fruits and plants. In between stages, savor engaging minigames and nurture your land as you simultaneously become a master of cards. With each match, hone your skills and elevate your high score with consecutive move combos. Can you successfully juggle these two missions? Your journey awaits, so let's find out!

Feature game

  • New chapters from the saga
  • Player-friendly interface
  • Two games in one!
  • Relaxing environment with challenging matches
  • Surprise rewards

How to play

You may play this game with your mouse.