Om Nom Run

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Om Nom Run finds exciting running gameplay with Om Nom through traveling and overcoming dangers to complete quests. Each mission gives you precious rewards!

Om Nom Run Championship

This online game operates in the running style. Each round is a challenge to run and overcome obstacles and dangers. It's like a professional tournament for professional athletes. However, the races in this online game will be much more challenging than in reality.

You will face 2 main types of obstacles in this tournament. Big trains or high barriers are a type of obstacle. Conversely, there will be low obstacles like traffic cones or piles of dirt. Of course, when facing these obstacles, you will have to apply different methods of movement. However, the goal in the tournament is always to keep your character safe and try to complete the missions. After the start of the tournament, the game will announce your mission and you need to do everything to complete it. After finishing the mission, the game will end with valuable prizes.

Movement Methods For You

Because there are many types of obstacles, you also need to apply different moves to conquer difficulties. Om Nom has 4 basic moves including jumping, sliding, moving left, and moving right. For tall obstacles, you should move to the sides. It is the opposite for low obstructions. You can absolutely jump over them. Besides, some obstacles have holes at the bottom, you can slide through them. These movement methods are corresponding to the arrow keys. In particular, you can combine operations together to create great moves.

After conquering this Om Nom game, move on to Jumanji Board Game, another running game. You also need to run to the destination as fast as possible to win. However, your move will depend on the dice and you have to compete with other players. It is a gameplay that is both similar and different from OM Nom Run. Therefore, it will also be a great experience for all the participants on our website.