Mr Bean Solitaire Adventure

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Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures is where a comically brilliant card session awaits. With the comedic mastermind Mr. Bean as your virtual companion, prepare for an immersive card-playing experience that will challenge the depths of your solitaire expertise.

This captivating card game promises a delightful fusion of card-handling proficiency and solitaire finesse. Your central objective within the game is to strategically deplete the stockpile located at the table's heart, effectively employing the cards at your disposal. These cards are indispensable for assembling a complete deck in conjunction with the presently revealed card in your hand. Your mission entails selecting cards that either rank one step higher or lower than the card prominently displayed at the screen's base. Through astute and calculated decision-making, you can systematically diminish the cards within the central stockpile. If you ever find yourself at an impasse, don't hesitate to draw from the supplementary deck, and then persist in your pursuit until you triumph over the level.

The crux of triumph lies in maintaining an unbroken chain of precisely executed moves, ensuring that your choices align with the game's demands. Are you destined to follow the illustrious path blazed by the iconic Mr. Bean and emerge as a bona fide maestro of cardistry? It's time to put your skills to the ultimate test and unveil whether you possess the inherent talent needed to thrive in the captivating realm of "Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures!"


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Solitaire with assistive steps
  • Intuitive skills
  • Funny cartoonish drawings on the cards

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