Lightning Cards

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Lightning Cards gives you a thrilling race against the computer, where agility is your greatest asset. The goal is clear: surpass your opponents in card casting. Let the lightning-fast gameplay begin!

Lightning Card: Lightning showdown

In this exquisitely designed arcade game, your mission is to get rid of all the cards before the computer beats you. At the bottom of the screen, drag each card one by one to the four discard piles in the middle. The arrow below the deck dictates the rules: stack a card of higher value when facing up and lower when facing down. But be careful, time is very important because there are only 8 minutes to conquer each level. As you advance, match values from 1 to 13, adding an escalating challenge. Unleash three special cards to spice up the game: wild cards for versatile positions, red cards to reverse the direction of the deck, and the elusive "flip it" card to perform strategic manipulation. Lightning Cards promise a reward for your smart moves.

Details about the game

Immerse yourself in the entertaining world of card games with Lightning Cards, skillfully crafted by Agame. The game was launched on June 14, 2017, featuring captivating 2D graphics that promote a competitive and addictive environment. Control the game easily with the mouse, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. For those looking for loads of card playing challenge, explore our curated collection of free and online card games. Lightning Cards set the stage for an electrifying duel where agility determines the winner. Are you up for the challenge?