Color Pixel

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Color Pixel comes from the pixel world where you will color a lot of different pictures based on numbers. Look at the numbers and colors according to the rules of the game to have a perfect picture.

Color Pixel Details

This online game is associated with the numbers that appeared in the interesting game, Minesweeper Mania. However, instead of avoiding mysterious bombs, your missions are completely clear.

The game will give you a picture without any colors. There are only black and white. Your task is to turn this picture into a colorful picture according to the instructions of the game.

The picture will be divided into many small squares which are characteristic of pixel technology. On each square, there will be a number that represents a different color. Look at the numbers and color accordingly. It is possible to paint according to other rules and create your unique picture. However, the number of colors is limited because the game only provides the colors specified by the numbers for each picture. Therefore, if you color according to your wish, some colors will be missing.

Simple Coloring Gameplay

To color, it is extremely simple as you just need to select the color at the bottom of the screen and click on the corresponding boxes. Each click will help you color a square. However, at first, the pictures are very small and you cannot see the squares clearly. You should enlarge it to color more clearly. When you want to see the whole picture, you can zoom out. All operations are easy to do with your mouse.

Besides, you can color out of order. It is possible for you to paint any color first. Many beautiful paintings are waiting for you to discover. Of course, the game allows you to select any pictures you want first to color.