Billiards Classic

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Billiards Classic follows realistic 8-billiard gameplay to keep players entertained while engaging in intense matches to get the balls into the hole.

Billiards Classic Goals

This game is usually divided into two groups of balls and each player must put all his pool of balls into the hole to win. You will see plain or striped balls out of a total of 15 balls on the table. Normally, balls from 1 to 7 are solid while balls from 9 to 15 are striped. In particular, the black 8 ball is the last ball that each player must hit into the hole after completing all 7 balls.

If you hit your 7 balls but the 8 don't, you can't win either. Therefore, every ball in the game board is very important and requires highly skilled players. It is similar to Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer: X O Puzzle Board Game where you also split into two symbol factions and need to form a target line of symbols to win.

Most Popular Ways to Play

At the beginning of the game, the balls will be arranged in a triangle with the number 8 in the center. The starter will use the white cue ball to break this triangle structure. This person can be a player or computer in 1P mode. In 2P mode, the starter is decided based on the decisions of the participants.

When the starter performs the first hit, 4 balls have to touch the table edges. It's the requirement for the starter. If the starter is able to hit the cue ball into the hole, it will be considered an error. In this case, the next player can request a replay or place the 8 ball at the specified point and continue playing.

After that, the game will proceed according to the usual rules: put the object balls into the hole. Players are allowed to hit the cue ball on the table edges before touching the object ball. If the object ball enters the hole, the player can continue his turn. Otherwise, you have to give up the turn to your opponent. Remember the ball 8 rule to win all matches. Good luck!