Ball Blast

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Ball Blast challenges your cannon fire while dodging giant meteors for the highest score. The game is endless to join and show your abilities!

Instead of practicing competitiveness like Jumanji Board Game, you will practice your reflexes to win high scores! Let's join this shooting game now!

Session Record Of Ball Blast

This online game will record all your achievements after each match in the Session Record section. This section is where you can track your achievements and compare them with previous matches. Any players wants that their scores will be higher and higher. Take a look at these numbers and try to increase them instead of going down. To achieve this goal, you need to understand the principles of the game and how to control your character. The details of these two contents will be presented in detail in the following sections.

Cannon Principles And Controls

You will control a cannon to fight giant meteors. These meteorites will fall from the sky. In particular, when they come into contact with the ground, they will bounce and continue to fall. The meteorites seem to be elastic and will not stop until they are destroyed. So how to destroy those huge meteorites?

The meteorites will have numbers that correspond to the number of bullets you need to use. You need to hit it that many times to completely destroy an obstacle. However, some meteorites have the ability to split in half and form two small parts. This change will give you more danger because you have to dodge more obstacles. With just one collision, your character will be destroyed and the game will be over. Therefore, in order to always get a high score, you always need to avoid any collisions. Among them, mobility is extremely important. Use YOUR MOUSE to show off your agility!