Archery Master

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The gameplay of Archery Master

Transform into a professional archer in Archery Master. Aim accurately and shoot at the target board to gain the target score with a limited number of arrows.

Are you the best archer? Play this game now and prove it. In this game, you need to use your bow and arrow to shoot at the target board. The target board is placed far from you and sometimes it is able to move from left to right or up to down and vice versa. Therefore, you must aim accurately at the blue circle at the center of the target board and shoot. Note that each circle of the target board awards different amounts of points. For example, If you can shoot at the blue circle known as the bull, you can get 10 points. If you can shoot at the yellow circles, you will gain 8-9 points. Note that the bigger the circle, the fewer points it awards. In case your arrow does not hit the target board, you will get nothing. Remember that your objective is to gain the target score with a limited number of arrows to complete the level and level up. You will be rewarded with a lot of money after completing the levels.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to aim.

Release the left mouse button to shoot.

The shop in Archery Master

In the shop, you can purchase many kinds of bows such as a compound bow, a flat bow, a recurve bow, and a horse bow. These bows have different designs. You must pay your money to unlock a random bow. Moreover, the shop also sells many arrows in different colors and shapes. You can buy a random arrow. Interesting, right? Why don't you join this game now? Furthermore, I want to introduce Diamond Rush which is an interesting puzzle game on our website.